Based in Southern California, Tara leads hikes in Malibu and Pacific Palisades. A Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology, Tara focuses on mindset and going within. When we listen and honor our bodies, we find joy and ease in our fitness/mindset practice.

Twist and Reach! I Embrace Being 60!

Tara teaches yoga, stability ball workouts, and helps people gain simple habits to become super healthy. Learning to sit quietly and focus within makes us more Aware. Most everything that makes you healthier is SIMPLE. She can help you rein in and let go of your limiting beliefs. These are the invisible culprits holding us back. Everyone has them and once aware, they can disappear!

Health can be simple and it is if you allow it. Health is our greatest wealth, let’s embrace and allow instead of resist. Once, a junk food, over eating glutton, she knows how to break the patterns and be free from the grip of addiction. It’s all about creating a reputation with yourself.

The worst thing we can do is listen to societies degrading chatter, luring us into believing our body, after a certain age, will break down. That is a lie you don’t want to believe in! I will help pull you out of that!

Post Yoga Session–Relaxed and Not in a Thinking Mode (this is a good thing)!

A Work In Progress–Aren’t We All