Hello! My name is Tara. I’ve been drawn to learning about the mind and all it’s capabilities since the 1980’s when I heard Dr. Bernie Siegel lead his patients through guided visualizations to heal cancer.

At the time there was no program in that field, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. I came close to it with a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and Exercise Science.

Simply, it is using mental techniques to enhance performance. Our minds are so powerful and magnificent and amazing. We just need to practice and that’s where we fall short! Practice. Discipline.

“We need to be more aware of the thoughts we’re thinking. Our Subconscious Mind is always recording and believing everything we say and If the inside of your mind is anything like mine, that could be dangerous!”

Twist and Reach! I Embrace Being 60!

I Am Strong

I Am Whole

I Am Complete

I Am Competent

I Am Capable

I Am Worthy


I can help you rein in and let go of your limiting beliefs. These are the invisible culprits holding us back. Everyone has them and once aware, they can disappear!

If moving your body is a priority, I love teaching yoga, stability ball workouts, and taking people and groups on hikes in Malibu.

I help people gain simple habits to become super healthy. Most everything that makes you healthier is SIMPLE.

Health is our greatest wealth, let’s embrace and allow instead of resist. Let’s not go along with the Societal Sludge that believes our bodies will fall apart and our wrinkles will make us ugly as we get older. Let’s snap out of it, it’s a lie!

And that’s the thing, do you love yourself when you look at yourself? Or are you looking in the mirror everyday and noticing what you don’t like about yourself? Our behaviors and our thoughts need to empower and uplift us. Let’s create a practice!

I mean, just look at the trail I climbed!

We create our whole lives with our thoughts. Whatever belief we have about our capabilities will be our result. We limit ourselves because of our limiting thoughts about our capabilities.

Post Yoga Session–Relaxed and Not in a Thinking Mode (this is a good thing)!

A Work In Progress–Aren’t We All