Love Your Body

After several years of not giving massages, I am now back in the business of massage therapy.  The overwhelming feeling I get when I meet someone who truly knows how to RECEIVE can only be described as blissful.

I know how it feels to receive massage.   I know how wonderful it is to be touched and to feel the muscle soreness being coaxed away.  There is, ultimately, the feeling of self love.  I see it when my clients roll onto their backs.  Their faces are aglow with love and, truly, it is love for themselves.  I guess I am just so impressed that they are there on the table treating their bodies for the sake of enjoyment.

I’ve been in the health & fitness industry over 35 years and I’ve seen a lot.  Sometimes it may look like someone is taking care of themselves by exercising and eating right, but in reality they are beating themselves up.  They aren’t out taking the walk or the bike ride because they enjoy it and it revives them, they are doing it because they ate too many cookies and feel guilt.

What I want to say in this forum is…Love Your Body–enjoy your body and use it every way you can.  Treat yourself to a massage and treat yourself to a walk because you enjoy it not because you feel you “have to.”   Anything you “have” to do is sucking the life out of you.

One of the women I massaged was moaning with pleasure with almost every stroke of my hand.  She wasn’t afraid to express how great it felt and I certainly didn’t judge her for being so vocal—I am impressed because she knows how to RECEIVE and enjoy it!  What a joy it was to witness such pleasure.

The people who care for their bodies and their spirits will be rewarded with a life that flows with ease.  People who feel they  “don’t deserve”,  “have to”, or “can’t afford” will be riding the wave that the masses ride.  Don’t let anyone affect your feeling of worthiness…if they tell you the economy is sinking, that doesn’t mean your economy needs to sink.  Don’t even let the voice inside your head tell you your body doesn’t deserve.  Spend more time talking to yourself instead of listening to that voice.

Think about it…your body has gotten you through everything in your life thus far.  It serves you like nothing else in your life serves you.  It gets you through it all!  Take care of you in whatever way you can.  Choose to feel good because you deserve it.  There isn’t one person reading this that doesn’t deserve–not one!  Take the time to love yourself and you too will reap the rewards of bliss.

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