3 Questions Shamanic Healers Ask

We were on our way to the Hollywood Bowl.   While picking up a friend, I broke into  song.   I was singing it with heart.   My friend said,
“that is one of the questions Shamanic Healers ask their patients…when is the last time you sang?”
Cool, I was doing something right.
Then,  driving in traffic with lots of time to talk, I told them about my dancing experience on Saturday night.   It had been a long time since I’d been out in the dancing scene.
I loved it because everyone was just out on the floor dancing with everyone else.   All the guys were out there with their friends instead of standing around watching all the girls on the floor dancing.
It was such a blast.   I had so much fun…a ton of fun!IMG_0116
After I finished telling them, Susan said,
“you know, Tara,  that is the second question that Shamanic Healers ask,  “when was the last time you danced?”
Well, hey now, I was doing 2 things right.

As we sat in that Hollywood wonder of the Hollywood Bowl eating our appetizers and drinking our Sangria, I told them a story that Donald Trump had told us at our National Training Event.HollywoodBowlBeauty

He explained that he always throws the biggest, best events and invites the greatest entertainers to come…Elton John, Celine Dion, etc.   The best of the best.

He had been in a lounge one night and caught a lounge act that just blew him away. They were so talented.   So talented that he asked them to be his frontliner for his next big charity event.   They were taken aback by his offer, but as he told them, you guys are amazingly talented.   I want you there!   They agreed.

By the time the night of the event rolled around, Donald got a call from one of the guys, “George was in an accident and I am sick, we won’t be coming.”

Somehow,  though, Donald knew it was their fear coming up with excuses.

The moral of the story is this:

It takes more than talent to be a success.   You have to be willing to step into an uncomfortable world.   You have to be willing to step into fear and get past it, not withdraw and shrink back away from it.   You can have all the talent in the world and it won’t be enough to make you successful.   These two guys will always be a lounge act because they don’t have the extra guts to get them beyond their comfort zone.

After I told the story, Susan said,

“you know, Tara, that is the 3rd question the Shamanic Healers ask, when is the last time you told a story.”  

I guess I am healthy and living fully.

All within the last few hours, I  talked about singing with heart, dancing with gusto, and had an inspiring story to share.     Yes, I am healthy.  I am  alive!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these important questions… for remembering that lovely night… and for reminding us all how alive and amazing we each can be when we’re gently and tenderly in love with our own selves.

    When it comes to sharing Light in the world, Woman, you are a Shining Star!

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