The Locked Gate


I came to a 10ft. locked gate at the end of my 2 hour mountain bike ride. 
This is a gate that is usually open.

Imagine my angst after climbing and descending trails to get to the end of my ride only to find NO WAY OUT!

I gave it a go!
I gave it a go!

The gate was all the way across up into the field with barbed wire on top.  At first glance, it looked impossible to pass.  However, who I am is not someone who gives up quickly.  I noticed there was a section of the fence where the barbed wire had been twisted down.

Also, I could force the gate open about a foot or more with my foot.  So, I chose to give it a go. 
I removed my front wheel, cranked open the gap in the gate with my foot while I shoved my bike through.  Of course the pedals got hooked up in the links and became lodged at a certain point.  I figured if I climbed to the other side of the fence I could pull the bike through instead of the pushing I had been doing.
I climbed the 10 foot fence and there was a moment or two at the top (when I started thinking too much) that I froze with a bit with fear.
Let’s face it, whenever we sit “on the fence” it is kind of uncomfortable.  I was aware of the fear and decided to “keep moving forward.”    I jumped to the ground and made it over the fence, then I dealt with the rest of my bike.  I cleared the pedals and then of course there were the handle bars which needed to be turned and maneuvered through the gate gap.  In the process of yanking it through, I ripped the computer off!
It was  frustrating and time consuming but I finally got my bike through the gap.  The moral of my story is that
LIFE can sometimes be The Locked Gate! 
Are you going to let obstacles that look impossible stop you from what you want and where you want to go or are you going to FIND A WAY through those obstacles?  I simply DECIDED I was going to get to the other side of that gate…I wasn’t going to turn back and go where I’d already been (the past). 
Sure, it was a bit of a stressful experience.  It also took some sweat effort and required me to get a little dirty and feel a little frustrated.  Once back on my bike, I flew down the hill back to my home which was my starting point of the day.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment and mastery.
That’s how I feel in life.
I won’t let people and their negative attitudes or actions stop me from where I want to go.  I keep moving forward, pushing through any fear that wants to stop me, and I find ways to get to the other side of The Locked Gates in Life!!!

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