Good Bye 40 something!

Today is my last day of being 40 something.  I started it out by going to Jerome Mercier’s Yoga class at 7am.

My health is my greatest wealth and I am so grateful to have listened to my inner voice and continued on my path for all these years.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of practicing with Jerome knows how challenging that can be.  Yes, physical strength is needed, to be sure, but there is more of a mental strength that is underneath it all.

As Jerome ended class today he said, “behind all the poses is Savasana”.   Savasana is the final resting pose and it is blissful after an hour and a half of Jerome’s class…

“If we can learn to surrender instead of react to life and yoga, we can get through anything with ease.”

My reactions are right on target for me and my values in life.  Not too long ago, I was working really hard to make a business work.

One of the Senior Vice Presidents in the company who spent years working hard to get there is now making between $100k & $200k every month in residual income.

He gave me some of the worst advice EVER.

He said,  “Tara, do whatever it takes to make this work.  Stop going to the gym, stop riding your bike, stop practicing yoga, spend every spare moment you have to work this business and MAKE IT WORK”.

Yes, that was his advice.  Now, coming from someone who was making that kind of money, you’d think I would listen and do what he suggested.

I did not even give it a first thought let alone a second thought.

In class this morning while sweating profusely and using every physical and mental muscle in my body, I was grateful I did not listen.  I am not making any residual income, YET,  and the income I make is not anywhere near the $100K mark, YET.  Do you think it matters?

Money is his payoff, I suppose, for working so hard and sacrificing his health to get to the place he is in now.  He got back to the gym after taking years off and gaining over 40 pounds and losing lots of hard-earned muscle and strength.  He can now relax a bit and work hard in a different way to get his health back.

I, however, chose to keep my health and sacrifice the money, at least in the short-term.

I am in a state of great health, however,  my state of financial affairs is not as impressive.  I can ride my bike up a mountain, practice yoga  and manage most of the poses with grace, ease, and as Jerome would say, “elegance.”

I have no regrets.  I feel such an immense amount of fortune surrounding me in everything I do.  I am still open to create financial abundance but I am doing it while maintaining my healthy lifestyle.

I am strong.   I am invincible.  I am grateful.  Oh, and tomorrow, I am 50!!!

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  1. Tara, 25 yrs old biological, you are an amazing woman! I am so thankful to know you, now and years ago when we both were kids. Where times goes beats me but how awesome is it to have you in my life and to finally really get to know you. Welcome to 50, sweet friend! It’s time for you to do a fitness competition now that you are almost 50 “chronologically”. Much love and admiration! -Kathy

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