Baffled by Bottle Brush

I was at the end of taking a group on a hike in Malibu.

It was a magical day as always. 

One of the hikers and I landed on a curb to do some stretching.  The tree that lined the curb was a gorgeous bottle brush tree.  I mentioned that they happen to be my favorite tree, she concurred–they were her favorite as well.

We simply began basking and appreciating this tree and everything about it and all the others we have seen.  She spoke of the bottle brush tree she has in her back yard.  We went on and on about this tree,  just loving it up!

We said our goodbyes and I was onto the next phase of my day.  A few hours later as I was driving to my next appointment, there was a bunch of traffic on the main street so I chose to take a side street.

As I drove block after block after block, all I saw on each side of the street was bottle brush trees.  I was literally immersed in bottle brush trees.  Every size and shape was represented on this street–some were groomed and some were wildly growing in every direction.

All I could do was gasp and tears began rolling down my face.  This was clearly the power of the universe/God/Source, whatever you want to call it, bringing me more of what I was so fervently appreciating earlier.  Oh, to be sure, Law of Attraction abounds and is at work in every part of our days.  This is just a simple example of how easy it can be to manifest.  Are you noticing?

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  1. Very nice. This was the last thing I read before bed, so it was on my mind when I awoke. As I lay in the dark, I thought of the pretty trees, then the pretty streets, and the pretty houses, and the pretty signs against the pretty sky. I felt the my stretching muscles as I lay splayed across the bed, the mattress cradling my body, the soft sheet draped over me. The hum of the heater whirred from downstairs.

    It struck me how every day we are immersed in a sensory cornucopia, a Disneyland for the senses, and that how easy it is to purposely suppress the experience in the interest of hurriedly completing our mundane tasks.

    Thanks to your reminder, my goal today will not be to immerse myself in the mundane, but to maximize the appreciation of my surroundings.

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