A Smile

I don’t get to Hollywood very often but I am here tonight.  I can definitely tell I’m in a big city.

I just walked by a man, we made eye contact and said hello to each other.  He was a homeless man and all he could say was, “thank you, I really appreciate that smile you just gave me”.   I agreed, it really is amazing how much a small smile can do for someone in need.

 He said,  “Oh, you’d be surprised at how few smiles I get in this big city.”

So sad.  I guess people have hardened themselves to street people–people who live on the street.

While some of them are a bit whacked out, some are just in need of some real interaction with a fellow human!

While the smile I gave him made him very appreciative, it made me feel pretty special too.  Win Win!

So, if you get a chance, look somebody, anybody, in the eye today, give ’em a smile and you just might make their day!

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  1. T-Boz,I’m sending you a BIG SMILE of my own for you.
    You’re right though,a smile is a very powerful weapon. I still try to utilize it. Sometimes I get one back and most other times it isn’t reciprocated and that’s ok too.


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