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The other evening, I noticed I was starting to have withdrawal pains for my facebook friends in the cyber world.  I had been going all day with no time for the computer and I felt the tug.

It was a strange feeling, but it was really clear, I really appreciate the relationships I connect to even when I don’t see them in person and don’t leave my home. 

Seems like an odd concept to most of us and a fairly new feeling for me.

I know there are still people who don’t connect this way and, usually, they think people like us are whack jobs!  My ex-husband was one of those.  He couldn’t believe how many people would be plugged in front of their computers all night.

Now, after 6 years of being apart, when I hear him say that, I try to help him have some compassion. 

I’m living in that world now, where I have no significant other to talk to and socialize with.  He has a girlfriend he lives with and I have some dogs I can hang out with, but no one in person to talk to!  It’s just great to have connections “out there”.

I’m not unhappy or lonely, but it does help to have my facebook friends.

Just because we are connecting over the computer does not make us pathetic and lonely, it enhances the life we’re living.

That’s what I think anyway.  I am so thankful for my facebook friends.  Having you there has helped me through some tough times and having you there has  made for some really great memories.

I know that many think all the technology has made us zombies, the texting and the twitter and the list goes on with the ways we can connect.  It is different than when I grew up, but gosh, I’m really grateful.

I have connected to friends that I thought I’d never see or talk to again.  No, we’re not all close but there is a connection.  Connection is one of my highest values in life.  If I’m not on line connecting, I’m out in the world connecting.  One doesn’t replace the other, but one absolutely enhances the other.  Thank you for being on my “connection radar!”

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  1. Hi Girlfriend! You know i enjoy visiting and spending time exploring the outdoors together. Like you, i appreciate that time and the friendship! xo

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