Lifted Up

I was out walking the dogs and was deep inside my head with lots of chatter. Sometimes the chatter is really blissful and empowering and other times the chatter is somewhat dark and disempowering.

I’m aware of the chatter while it’s happening and most of the time it’s easy to turn it down or off, but for some reason today I was a bit stuck in there.

As we walked by a young man and his little dog, we greeted each other (the dogs greet one another and I greet the doggy too). This little dog was so cute and sweet and easy with being approached rather abruptly by Sebastian and Josephine.

“Blossom” was her name and her essence just pulled me out of my head and into the present moment. I felt my energetic vibration lift and the feeling was palpable! Not only did her energy lift mine, but mine was very uplifting to the young man walking her as well.

The cool thing–about dogs–they have the ability to transform your experience and your energy! I would not have wanted my lower, chattery vibration to affect the young man I came in contact with. Instead, all the energy was lifted up. Thank you dogs!

If you don’t have your own dog, I suggest going out and borrowing someone else’s dog. Or, go to a doggy park and watch the joy abounding! Dogs deliver the bliss in boat loads!!!

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