Voice of Reason

Recently, I’ve been sharing with a friend some of the worst voices in my head. When the words come out into the airwaves, they are harsh and my friend is somewhat horrified by what she is hearing!  “Tara, I’ve never heard you talk this way about yourself!”

The ego that lives inside our heads is downright mean!

Thankfully, she set me straight real fast and I restored my thoughts to the fullness of who I really am.

Sometimes the ego builds us up in a way that is more like puffing us up and sometimes the ego tears us apart in a way that is extremely abusive. Yes, we face the abuse of ourselves every day and it goes on in our own head!

Please, choose a friend that loves and adores you for who you are and start sharing some of the clutter and garbage that lives in your head. Let your friend shake you back to reality, remind you of who you truly are.  Yes, you can also wake yourself up by being aware but it’s good to bring a friend into the mix to make them more aware of their own chatter.

Life is meant to be fun and full of joy. Somewhere along our way, we’ve figured out a way to tear ourselves apart. This way of being isn’t part of the original plan!

Set your ego straight, stop listening to it chatter on and on. Instead, surround yourself with people who really know who you are and see your light shining from afar!

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