Paranoid or Pronoid, Choose!

Will I choose to be Paranoid or Pronoid?

Yesterday, I was flying down a singletrack trail on my mountain bike–the trail closed in and became super brushy and overgrown.  There were curves and bushes so it was hard to look far enough ahead to see what was coming up. It felt like I was a little blind, in the fog and not knowing what was next.  IMG_0508

Nothing is certain and just because you’ve seen the same things over and over doesn’t mean you’ll keep seeing them.

Life can be that way sometimes. The certainty of what lies ahead is not certain at all! Anything can happen…the trail could end, a wild animal could approach, a dangerous drop off in the trail could stop you in your tire tracks or you could even come face to face with the love of your life!


The same is true in our everyday lives. You just never know what will come into your life. Will you choose to be paranoid or pronoid?
There could be something amazing just around the corner, just beyond the hidden bend in the road. Keep on riding with the mastery and confidence you’ve developed and you will be able to deal with it when it reveals itself.


Stay calm and confident and don’t get fearful and worried. Life can work out for you if you decide it will.

Not Paranoid but Pronoid
Believe the best is happening for you!


That’s about as simple as it is–however you decide to anticipate and expect is the way it will most likely work out for you. Paranoid or Pronoid?

As it says in the “Desiderata”, “Go confidently amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence”.  Be still and know that all is well and you are supremely guided and protected…be the opposite of paranoid–be Pronoid.


Pronoid–what a concept!  Instead of being paranoid and expecting the worst, be Pronoid–expect the  BEST!

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  1. I am new to reading your blog, yet I have felt your presence my whole life. Thank you Tara for being the light that you are.

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