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Learning A New Body Language

I am learning a new body language.  This could supersede everything we’ve ever believed about health and all the limits we set up around it.


What if you had an energetic intelligence within you that would allow you to transcend all of your physical ailments?  

If I told you that your body already knows it, you just need to tap into it to re-learn it, would you want to find out more?

learning a new body language
Boosting my energetic Vibration!
Greg Jeter is a licensed Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner.  Trained first as a Chiropractor, then realized the magic in this work. It can be best described as “energy work.”  Greg focuses his entire practice on energy with an occasional physical adjustment.


To help your body tap into the field of self healing, the practitioner is a facilitator or a bridge to get you there.

“It’s all about finding the tension and the open areas and merging them into an energy.” This energy moves and flows into a feeling of ease and perfect health. 
Network Spinal Analysis listening to your body language
NSA Practicitoner, Greg Jeter

In an interview with Oprah, Dr. Oz said   “As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body then we begin to realize that the next big frontier is energy medicine.”


WE ARE ENERGY!  We can tap into this and start learning a new body language.


When I received my first session, I  didn’t want it to end.  I felt a rhythm and a vibration moving through me that is ultimately indescribable.


Some of the comments by long time practice members who receive regular work and may  make you a bit curious about the seeming magic of this work:


“Loving myself absolutely as I have never loved myself before–felt the omnipotence that babies feel”


“I had the experience of what it must feel like to be a fish swimming in water–Felt like I had a heart orgasm”


“Absolute joy”


“My spine had perfect posture”


“I felt as if I was holding the love of the world & the suffering of the world all at the same time”


“Words really can’t describe what happens but it is like a deep meditative place that connects me to a world that is beyond the material, conscious realm and I felt the VOID of awareness–“


You may feel results from the very first session but you will want to continue to regular sessions, since the tension is fuel for transformation.  Once your body learns this language, it will want to experience it at regular intervals!


Enjoy the process–YOU ARE WORTHY!


To experience the future of medicine, contact Sacred Ground at: (510) 331-4653


Located in the heart of Weed, CA,  the office also offers Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Tattoos!  Weed is one town away from Mt. Shasta and a visit to both places would be exhilarating! Contact Greg Jeter (510) 331-4653  or send him an email: [email protected]

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  1. Thank you again Tara for writing this beautiful article. Since the writing of this my wife Patty and I have moved up to Mt Shasta to a little town called Weed. The new address for my office is 51 Main Street Weed,Ca.
    510 331-4653

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