Trash Talk

I’m not really sure what to say.I’ve been hiking in these Malibu trails for 23 years. I am sad to say that the last couple of hikes on one of the sweetest trails in Malibu was so full of garbage that I vowed to bring a garbage bag for the next time I hiked it.

Sure enough, I got a load full of trash on this hike.

People come to these trails because they’ve read it as a recommended trail somewhere. The people who come are in search of a getaway from the city and I assume they revere the trails in a similar way that I do–just can’t seem to wrap my head around why they would be so careless with their trash?

Water bottles, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and more.  Is it because they’ve never been taught not to litter?  Or is it that they just don’t care?

Whatever the reason, I have a hard time just walking by.

So, the next time you are out on one of our fabulous trails and you spot some garbage, please set an example and pick it up.  Perhaps others will follow your lead and we will no longer have people who disrespect such a beautiful place.Tara and the coastline

4 thoughts on “Trash Talk”

  1. Thank you Tara! I for one will bring an extra bag to pick up trash left by some thoughtless human beings. I want these trails to be pristine for my grandson to enjoy!

    1. Yay! I can’t wait to hang out with your precious guy on your back. We will have fun! Tell his parents he will be doubly protected by a couple of fierce, fabulous women!

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