Gut Feelings!

The reason checking in with yourself is so important is because nothing is more important than that you FEEL good.

If you are working for or dealing with someone and you notice you feel unease and a little tangled up inside, get a magnifying glass on that!

That is emotional turmoil and a kind of stress that is just as unhealthy as any other form of stress.

We get to choose who we work for. We get to choose who we don’t. No amount of money is worth feeling icky for.

Recently, I’ve had a couple of big money making opportunities but the ICK factor inside me was screaming. Oh, I’ve learned a few years back, continuing to allow toxic people in my life will not turn out good!

Notice, get quiet, check in with how you are feeling. let those feelings guide you to a decision in who you allow into your life. Those feelings are emotional stress indicators and they are super strong guidance!

Get out of whatever toxic relationship you are in. The chaotic feelings a person can absorb is discombobulating! Sometimes it’s great being an empath, other times it is a curse. I feel the energy of others way too much.

Toxic relationships aren’t just romantic relationships, they’re everywhere! You get to choose who you allow into your life. If they don’t feel good, get out!

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