Pretty Much Home Bound

All my massage clients canceled for today. Seems we are all going to get lots of home time. It looks like I will only be seeing my animal clients.

My private training client has his sister-in-law visiting from Iran. She arrived only two days ago.

Home Sweet Home

Since I live in a house with two 80 year olds, I cannot, in good conscience, go into his home and train him while his sister-in-law may be carrying the virus. Since it can go undetected for 24 days. It would be a potential death sentence to my housemates.

They are in so much fear because of the news being so crazy. They are afraid for their lives! Instead of focusing on the doom and gloom though, let’s not forget the wonderful things about being at home.

If you have to be at home lots, Meditate, read, listen to music, dance! Keep your energetic vibration high and know that there is healing light to surround you, all you have to do is ask.

And honor your body with hydration and rest. Take lots of liposomal vitamin C and NAC, both great Virus fighters! Lemons, green tea, garlic, greens, ginger. Be super healthy and know that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Don’t let the fear take you down because it can. Fear will always rob you of your strength.

Affirm what is you want and NOT what you don’t want or are afraid of!

In the words of Dr. Bruce Lipton:

Consciousness is creating your life experiences! Are you being conscious of disease … or of health?”

Make the most of the best and the least of the worst. We shall emerge on the other side.


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