Inactivity Hurts!

It feels like my HANDS are getting out of shape!

This is me looking very professional as a Massage Therapist.

While I’m still getting my exercise, it feels like my HANDS are getting out of shape! I haven’t massaged any BODY in over a month!

I can still get out and practice yoga, walk all over the place, and ride my bike but there is something to be said about INACTIVITY–especially for your hands if you use them as a profession!

One thing I’ve learned from my clients bodies’ is: not using your muscles is what causes chronic pain in the body.


After 30 plus years of massaging people, many truths reveal themselves. The people who have the most chronic pain are people who haven’t been moving their bodies with exercise.

It’s true and my hands are starting to hurt! I suppose now would be the time to start squeezing that flexible ball designed for such things. I’ve never used it since my hands are usually too busy!

The moral of the story is to pay attention to your body. Give it what it needs and it needs movement and activity! If you’re not getting it, you will feel the repercussions–even if it is just your hands!!!

Oh I know it takes a little something extra for some to get out there and move but PLEASE move your body in one way or another, you will be glad you did!!! Of course, there are lots of on-line opportunities to exercise so please take care of you and honor your body, it needs you!!!

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