Empathy Is A Necessity!

I’m ashamed.  I have been someone who feels so deeply that when things feel really uncomfortable and unfair, I hide my head in my own little world and pretend that racist people don’t exist.  That’s not effective because the ignorance still circulates and when I poke my head back out, nothing has changed.  I cannot and will not be silent any longer!

There is so much promise in the air, it seems most of the Country is fighting to achieve equality, yet there are still those who don’t want to give up their privilege which is based solely on the color of their skin.

Do you believe Black Lives Matter or are you still one of the privileged white people who think there is no need for equality?  Do you believe the  big blow-hard political talking heads who are trying to convince you that this is a left wing political stunt?

If that’s you, I feel sorry for the people you come in contact with.  You are not superior because you have white skin and allowing these twisted thinkers into your consciousness will damage you, indeed.

If you still haven’t developed the skill of empathy which is the ability to feel what it feels like to go through the pain and injustice of discrimination, now’s the time to go inside and investigate your heart.  If you felt just a fraction of empathy while watching their hardships on a movie screen, you’d want to help their cause.

Of course all lives matter but Black Lives have been disrespected and treated with disdain as far back as time goes.   I’m proud to stand with my black brothers and sisters now. There is only one race and we are the human race.

I suggest educating yourself.  Watch the movies that are both informative and entertaining regarding the plight of Black Lives in this Country. When you watch, take on the character that is treated unfairly and disrespected.  Be them, feel what they are feeling.  Empathy.


If you can watch and put yourself in their shoes then surely you must get on board and join the movement for justice and equality for all.

I’m glad I came out of my cave. My silence was killing me! It feels so much better to speak up, even if just in this small way, perhaps I will point someone in a different direction.

Watch the videos below, really fun and informative!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDPTVEqkGa4&w=560&h=315]

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