Hello! I’m Tara

There’s something about writing that clears things out for me. I can just express myself. Some people can express through singing, talking, dancing, or their own kind of artistry. Words and writing seems to be my artistry.

Welcome to my outdoor office!

I’m writing this blog to take care of my own mental health and hopefully to affect someone else who needs to read what I write. We really all have similar blocks and becoming aware of them together will begin the healing. I just know it.

I have lived a lot of life so far and I hope I can help you to navigate the spots that seem rough and hard to get through. They say we teach what we most need to learn.

There will probably be lots about health since I’ve lived most of my life as a health professional in various ways. It will be a myriad of information. I need to get it out of me and if people read, watch, and embrace it then this is valuable.

There will be lots about mindset and finding ways to create and manifest what we are wanting. I’ve studied Sport Psychology and earned a Masters Degree. My real love is Psychoneuroimmunology but that wasn’t a program when I was wanting to learn it. Sport Psychology was the closest thing–using mental techniques to enhance performance. Mental techniques can enhance your entire life!

I have a ton of empathy and I have compassion for the soft spots where you’re coming from.

Instead of writing for myself and keeping it private, I’ll be sharing things that can be quite vulnerable for me. I’m hoping you’ll be able to relate to a thing or two.

All I know is I need to get back to writing regularly, it really is my therapy. Thank you for reading.

In a nutshell, life is all about AWARENESS. Once you become Aware, you’re on your way to healing.

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