On Letting Go

In the early morning hours, my mom finally let go of her physical body. 

None of us know how to die, we’ve never done it before. We all knew that was the plan and even though her heart and lungs were not providing her enough oxygenated blood, she kept holding on.

Then come the drugs that help the process along and still it wasn’t happening.

I prayed and prayed for the angels to come and take her to that beautiful place we all hear about. The place where there is no pain or struggle, no time or boundaries, only bliss.

It seemed like she was fighting the process. She became more and more uncomfortable and my sister was doing everything she could to care for her. When my sister starts losing her cool, that’s when emergency action is in order.

She had some assistance from a hospice nurse and was able to take a break. I told her I would continue to do my remote chakra opening/clearing and my namaste prayer that always blends up some super good moving energy.

I asked to her please reach out in the night if mom became unsettled or anxious.

When I laid my head on the pillow, I continued to send all my chakra opening light and energy to my mom. I could feel there was a letting go on her part. I told her, “I’m here with you, you’re safe. If you want, I can go along with you until you feel fine on your own.”

For the next 5 hours, I was gone. My phone was next to me and my sister had texted me just after I had laid my head on the pillow. 

I didn’t hear it. 

I did go somewhere and I don’t have any supernatural memories, I just know that I haven’t slept 5 hours straight through without having to pee in a really long time!

Perhaps I was able to accompany my mom to the place where she felt okay on her own.

Now I’ll need to do the same without her. I’ll have to be okay on my own.

We all get qualities from the people who we spend the most time with. I received some nuggets. Of course, I’ve got some of her not so great qualities as well, we all have them.

What I learned thus far is we need to embrace all of our qualities in their fullness.

We are all this magnificent blend of light and dark and a combination of

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