Get Back On

This is the first video I ever recorded. It’s about life getting in the way of our commitments regarding exercise.

Stuff happens. The weather goes crazy so you can’t get on your bike. The rain doesn’t stop so it’s wet and muddy. You feel tired and on the verge of being sick so you listen and sit it out. Dishonoring our body is not an option.

From afar, I’ve known of people who are so intense that they keep on barreling through even when they’re sick. I don’t have any of those people in my life because our energetic vibration is so far apart that it’s impossible our paths meet.

We resonate with like minded people is my point. If you’re someone who gets back on too soon, knowing your body needs rest, you are who I’m talking to.

Or, if you sort of went the complete opposite direction and turned bad weather into laziness. You just don’t feel like it, it’s not calling out to you to get back on.

WE all need to PAUSE and look at ourselves. How are we treating ourselves?

Do you allow yourself some slack? You know, to rest when you need rest without feeling guilty?

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