Why Should You?

Let’s start by setting aside the need to look good. Just set it aside for now.

There are so many reasons to get your body moving again and they have little to do with how you look. Well, maybe they do..

Have you ever been driving along and you look out on the street to see an elderly person walking with their eyes focused on the ground in front of them, not the ground in front of them but the ground below them.

They are so hunched over, their body is stuck in that position.

As a massage therapist for 32 years now, I’ve seen it all. It has been a gift being a bodyworker because it’s a gentle nudge for me to keep moving too.


If you’ve never taken an in person class, don’t let that stop you from creating your own home practice. Yes, that’s how I started and it wasn’t as educational as you might think. There wasn’t as much assistance as you would want. I was in classes with mounds of people, it took me years before I figured out how to stagger my legs in twisting triangle so that I wouldn’t lose my balance and fall over.

So, set that word aside as well.

What if you’ve never learned a pose at all Well, set that worry aside as well. If for some reason I don’t fully explain a pose, you’ve got the wide world web to plug into for assistance>.

There are tons of yoga classes you can follow along with online. That’s fine. You might even want to do that for a little while if you don’t feel comfortable creating your own practice

But, I can tell you that people have taught themselves yoga by books, not even a video. My friend Annette has been practicing for over 40 years and she has never taken a class. She did tune into the woman who once taught on PBS every now and then but for the most part, she taught herself.

As a fitness professional, I can tell you that yoga is a must. Yoga is not a religion for anything to do with religion Yoga is a way to tune into yourself. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to tune into that inner knowing place and the spiritual aspect of yoga is immense.

From a physical perspective, you want to get your body opening and expanding in ways you never knew it could. Once you do that, you repair your posture, you reignite muscles and tendons to move with ease instead of with rock hard resistance.

Remember, I’ve seen a lot of bodies on the table. The key is to keep your body moving.

Hey, you’re alive. I know, it’s sometimes easier to sit and watch a good movie but you simply must carve out some time to get your body back in business.

If you are able, get yourself walking again. Perhaps you ca get yourself walking then come right home and get on your matt. Your body will be warm from your walk and all the fluids will be flowing and the stretch will happen faster.

I have taken time off from yoga and when I’ve gone back I’ve lost some of the gains I made in the past. That’s okay, get back on the matt and you can do it again.

It takes something for all of us. Some people are far more disciplined than others, I get it.

My aim is to get you to a place where you are not dependent on anyone for your exercise. I ‘ve had friends who had a hard time exercising if they didn’t have a friend to do it with. You need to let those day go if you’re one oft hem.

Habits are tough stuff. We all have our relapse time, we all fall down and feel as if we can never get back up. But you can. You can get up and do it agin.

Your body is most amazing machine EVER! It far surpasses the iPhone and the MacBook Pro. It far surpasses the printer or the fax machine and the machines are incredible at what they are capable of doing.

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