Air Quality

There are so many people that have no clue about poor air quality.

Day after day, they are out there running, biking, hiking with no mask on, just sucking in toxic particulates in the air.

Please, go the the weather app that comes on your smart phone. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the air quality index. It will usually read, Good, Moderate, or Unhealthy. In some cases I’ve seen Extremely Unhealthy.

No workout routine is worth sucking in those particulates. They can cause all kinds of irreversible damage and may even lead to stroke or heart attack.

I’ll never forget driving home from a trip, there was a fire moving through Ventura. As we drove in daylight, the black cloud of smoke covered the sky and it seemed dark as night. There, out of the blackness came a runner on his daily run!!!

I mean, really! People. Health is health. Health is not, exercise even if it means kill yourself!!!

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