We All Fall Off

If you are alive, you have fallen off your exercise routine. For one reason or another, you just get knocked off your game and feel like it’s your fault.

Trust me, it’s not your fault. It’s life, plain and simple.

We all fall off our routines. It’s the weather, you get sick, the air quality sucks, or whatever it is, it happens to all of us. Stop beating yourself up!

Then, there are those few who keep on going through it all, even if they’re sick, they keep their routine going. They know though, that leads to an even bigger problem, a bigger sickness or injury to make sure they STOP!

We all just need to relax. Let it be okay. You’re not going to blow up into a house, you will just add a few pounds and you’ll be able to have those pounds disappear within no time.

When you think about it, all the years you’ve been alive, hasn’t your body always adjusted itself to where it feels okay to be? If you’ve been battling the bulge your whole life, don’t things calm down when you relax a little and let things go the way they go.


I guess what I really want you to know is that everyone’s weight fluctuates. Well most everyone. I know that I have been 20 pounds more than I am now and I have been 20 pounds less than I am now. I don’t strive for perfection, I strive for ease.

I want to feel good. I don’t want to nag myself in anyway. It’s like this inner critic annoyance

We have control over our thoughts and the direction we allow them to go in. We don’t have to listen to ourselves, we need to talk to ourselves.

The phenomenal woman, Louise hay, created a publishing house industry of experts oh goshThe phenomenal woman, Louise hay, created a publishing house industry of experts oh gosh.

That reminds me, it is now the time of day that I come out to quiet my mind and check in with myself and do a breathing meditation. Most people who don’t have a meditation practice have tried but they can’t bring themselves to shut down the brain. It’s not

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