Imposter Syndrome!

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has Imposter Syndrome!

A friend of mine told me:

“You are well aware of the impostor Syndrome It can be blinding when trapped inside.

You are a superstar. And my gut tells me that you inherently know that, but life kicking you in the teeth can throw off your focus.

I can honestly count you a soul that I have been most blessed to cross paths with.”

Like, oh my goodness, really! I had to share the words because they’re so comforting and I didn’t want them to die in one sent text message never to be seen again!

Yes, there are times that I know I have a lot to give and share and experience with others out there. I look at my life and I’m guessing from afar it looks fun and out of the ordinary. That’s a huge plus.

From inside me, you wouldn’t be able to see what I see.

Like my friend Chico said, you can be blinded when trapped inside. Things don’t look bright and free and joyful like the way I present them. Life looks

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