Physician Heal Thyself

Are you good at listening to your body and resting when it tells you to rest? Or, are you someone who pushes through and just keeps on pushing until you get slapped down sick?

Today I had to go slow and lay flat on my back most of the day napping, hydrating, sleeping— doing very little. Since I am my primary care physician, I had to listen!

Rest is sort of like my preventative pharmaceutical drug. I rest and recover before I get sick whereas the masses get sick, then count on drugs to make them well.

A woman who lives in my complex is always on the go and she seems to sneer at me when I tell her “I’m taking it easy today.” She’s a classic narcissist who sees resting as lazy and weak.

Sure enough, she got the flu (it might have been Covid) and was unable to move for 3 days, absolutely no energy.

Then after 10 days of not working, she went back to work for 3 days and now she’s flat on her back again. In other words, If you don’t choose to rest and revive yourself, a sickness will come along and make you do it AND if you try to get back to your regular life too soon, it’ll slap you down again.

My first job was in a drugstore pharmacy. From age 17 to 23, I watched what I did not want to become. So many people, so many sicknesses, so reliant on those pills.

I vowed to look out for myself and prevent having to take pills. So far, so good, I am 60 this year. I figure I should know by now that this way of healthcare suits me just fine. I listen within and honor my body with rest and only the highest quality nutrition and the best water on the planet!

I’ll never forget the year (in my 30’s) when I was still eating dairy products and all kinds of junky, processed foods. I had chronic sinus issues several times in a year! They became infections because I just kept going physically and eating irritating, inflammatory foods. It took me a long time to get that out of my system.

I had a cough that went on for months and that cough gave me such a desire to never cough like that again. You know that rumbling, phlegmy sound in the back of your throat? It’s gross and I NEVER want to experience it again!

We need to be responsible for our lives. We need to give up foods that clearly have a negative reaction in our system. We’re all different. We need to be our own primary care physician! We know ourselves better than anyone else. Tap in!

It’s definitely going to take something. You are in charge, not your habits.

It’s avoiding those kinds of illnesses that motivate me to be healthy.

I am committed to being super healthy. When I share how much rest I get, many people say, “I’ll sleep when I die.” As if sleeping is a weakness!

I can assure you, SLEEP is a necessary drug, do not minimize its power. It’s another one of those simple habits that leads to super health! That’s my message for this end of October day. Check in with yourself and listen, you’ll be glad you did.

Be Well.

I added this link below because I “technically” learned how to do it! Plus, someone may feel inspired to make a Love Donation. If that’s you, I thank you and if there is no inspiration, that’s okay too. I’m just learning to be open to many possibilities because there are so many!

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