I Am This Road, I Am My Bike!

I am this road. I am my bike.
Today I rode my bike on the road. Most people are full of fear for me when I tell them I’m riding my bike… “be careful out there, watch your back” is the usual response. Honestly, as much as I don’t want to admit it, those little bits of fear sometimes rub off on me.  I’m aware though and I don’t let the thoughts take me down.
I am this road
Top of the Canyon Trail
So today, I wanted to feel and smell the ocean air and see the coast in my face!  I missed Pacific Coast Highway. I rode from my house in Brentwood down Sunset Blvd to PCH and on into Malibu.  Tears fill my eyes as I write this, that’s how much I love this place!
I am this road.  Pacific Coast Hwy
Palisades Park, Santa Monica CA
As I rode back home through Pacific Palisades on my way back to Brentwood, I was on a stretch of Sunset Blvd that I had been on hundreds of times before.  I lived in this town for 15 years so I was quite comfortable on it.  Even though there were cars all around me–cars parked on the street, cars coming up behind me, cars turning into driveways, and cars coming out of driveways, I was one with the flow.


For just a brief flicker—not even a moment—I thought about all the cars and the possibility of danger.  What overtook me from that flicker of fear was the feeling…I AM THIS ROAD. I AM MYBIKE.
I am this road
My shadow side!

It’s hard to put into words, but all possibility of  fear was stripped from me. A confidence, a knowing–I was safe because I WAS the road.  I was simply part of the flow of the Universal Law of Life in and around me.

I was safe and secure because I Am that.  I’ve heard it said before, when you master something you become it.  Fear will almost always rob us of our strength, I chose to trust and know that all is well and everything is working out for me.


I rode my bike today and it was good!

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