Time To Define The Moment



Those BOLD words were on a T-shirt as I passed 2 guys riding my mountain bike.  It hit me hard in that moment since I had been in my head about life, love,  and friends.

I decided to take the time to DEFINE THE MOMENT.


It I was a Sunday morning and I was riding my mountain bike on an amazing Southern California trail.  I had just passed 2 young guys on their bikes and that is something that feels good for a woman over 60.  I was FEELING quite fulfilled.
Time To Define The Moment
A Moment To Define
I started riding 25 years ago and it was hard–I mean, really HARD!


There were a few crashes, lots of getting bloodied up and several scars.
I kept riding.


Even though I had fears, I overcame them by creating mantras and incantations to get me through  fearful sections on the trail.   At the very heart of all my riding and challenges was pure JOY!


I kept riding.


I was tapping something deep inside of me that I knew would continue to serve me.

Not Paranoid but Pronoid
Believe the best is happening for you!


There were stretches of time that I couldn’t ride because of rain or mud slides or fires, but I always found a way to get back on the bike and renew the fitness I had developed.  I learned to keep moving forward from wherever I was.


Yesterday, I was consumed with thoughts of my life– “Why am I all alone today?” “Why hasn’t he invited me out for the day?”   For me, a formerly married woman for 20years, that is a cluttered mind I never thought I would live in again.  Most people stay married because they don’t want to deal with all the insecurities and the not knowing where they stand in relationships.


Here I was, though, feeling like a 17 year old…wondering how I measured up.

Because I did DEFINE THE MOMENT,  I was grateful that I had invested the time in me for all those years.  I developed a skill that would pay me back one hundredfold and, sure enough, it did on this particular day.


Instead of being stuck in my head and waiting for someone to fill me up and create a space for a void I was feeling, I filled myself up.


When I’m on my bike, I am able to express my strength and independence in an empowering way.  I am proof to myself that I am amazing and I am worthy just the way I am.


Hey, if they like me, great and if they don’t, great.  I am happy.  I like me and that’s really what matters most.

Our ability to express ourselves physically can bring so much joy and ease.

Define The Moment
Taking Time To See How Far I’ve Come!

Yes, it was hard all those years of developing the skills, but now it is pure joy just being out on my bike. 

I will continue to feed my spirit by developing hobbies and activities that honor ME.  I know, that when I FEEL GOOD, more good will come my way.  I am happy that I took the time to Define The Moment!


So tell me, what will you foster and develop?  How will you grow so that someday you can define your moment in time? Just know that it won’t always be easy but it will be worth it somewhere down the road! That’s what I love about uncertainty.

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