Healthy Living Involves Going Barefoot!

Did you know, healthy living involves going barefoot the earth as often as possible?   Going barefoot on the Earth is one of the best drugs you can take because the Earth is like a battery that contains a subtle, electrical charge.

The transfer of grounding electrons into your body will bring your body benefits that are hard to believe. There are studies that show these benefits and more so start discovering this powerful therapy.

Anxiety and depression decrease, inflammation is minimized and sleep is improved. Circulation is improved and there is a reduction in heart disease and blood pressure due to the benefit of thinning thick, viscous blood. Stress hormones go down, while beneficial endorphins go up!

healthy living--barefoot on the earth
Barefoot on Earth–Healthy Living on the Bluffs of Malibu

Most of us are wearing rubber soled shoes and those block  the earth’s electrical charge. Go barefoot on the grass, dirt, sand, or anywhere out there for at least 30 minutes daily.  You will achieve healthy living and several astounding benefits by going barefoot!

Your blood pressure goes down, anxiety levels go down and good feeling hormones go higher. Depression fades immediately.  Try it for yourself because there is science behind what I’m saying!


This is SIMPLE STUFF!  Healthy living doesn’t have to be hard and going barefoot on the earth is as easy as it sounds. Feel the simplicity and get grounded.  This is Nature at its best.

If you are unable because of a cold Winter or a busy schedule, there are also indoor options you can invest in like floor or chair mats and bed pads. Look into it or get outside and start to feel vibrant because going barefoot on the earth is necessary for healthy living!

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