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Get Hydrated and Stay Hydrated!

Do you get hydrated and do you stay hydrated?


Are you often tired? Do you have lots of pain in your body?   How about frequent headaches? Do you sometimes feel like you’re getting sick?  The key is to GET and STAY hydrated!


This is most likely dehydration and most people walk around chronically dehydrated.
That’s the thing about hydration, it’s an active practice and it takes discipline.


I’m always preaching hydration, yet there are days I’m not as hydrated as I know I need to be!  It takes effort to get and stay hydrated!



Here are 4 ways to enhance hydration:


  • Add the juice of a squeezed lemon to your water.  Some don’t like the taste of water so adding lemon or lime can do the trick.  If you need a touch of sweetness, add a drop of stevia. Add the best of the best to it and you will enhance hydration and it will serve to activate your liver and get things moving!
  • Add Chia seeds to your water or juice.  They swell up after being in the liquid, this is now a “gel water” state.  Sometimes, later in the day, there will be one hiding in your teeth and it’s fun to find.  Bonus! Gel water is more hydrating than plain water, and it conducts electricity more efficiently.
  • Drink more fresh pressed cucumber, celery, watermelon juice.  All are powerfully hydrating as well as powerfully detoxifying.  Water isn’t the only way to get hydrated. Drink more fruit smoothies.  Fruit is full of hydrating water and one of the most healing foods on the planet.
  • Add a packet of 310Hydrate to your water bottle, especially if you’re sweating it out in the hot sun or in an infra-red Sauna!  (use code TARABHYDRATE for an extra 10% off).
  • The health benefits of being optimally hydrated are obvious: it prevents disease. Conducting electricity is also vital because it is how our brains send signals to every other part of our body.  Read the book, Quench,  by Dana Cohen, MD and Gina Bria. It can benefit everybody who reads it.  Hydration is a superpower and when you are armed with it, your health will improve all over the place!

And Breathe!  This needs its own platform.  More later…


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