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Yoga Moves From Within

Yoga moves from within.  I’ll never forget the first class I went to.
I met a follow mountain biker out on the trail and she asked if I did yoga.  It was something I had been wanting to start but with all the other activities I did, I still hadn’t gotten to it.
She told me about this Ashtanga Mysore class and all levels were welcome.


Well, here’s what I found out.  All levels were welcome but not absolute beginners who didn’t know any of the movements.  I knew nothing!


There I was in this class with all of these advanced yogis.  They were doing their own practice at their own pace.  That was the distinction of “Mysore” style.  The teacher was not in front of the room leading the class.


The teacher walked around helping each person with wherever they were in their practice.

I HAD NO PRACTICE!  Every person was doing something different in each moment so there was no looking around for help.  Every now and then the teacher would come over and give me the next pose to learn.


It was so humiliating and ridiculous, I shouldn’t have been there. The fact that this young lady invited me to this class was just plain irresponsible.  No beginner should be in that class.


Again,  Everyone around me was super advanced, legs around head, back bending, balancing on arms with legs to the sky, etc.


Now, add to that anxiety the fact that it was a rare 90 degree day in Santa Monica.  I was sweating profusely, as if I were in a sauna!


It was a 2 hour class full of heat and sweat and embarrassment and angst.


After I left, I had to make a decision.  Was I going to allow that experience to take me out and never go back or was I going to find a beginner class and start there?




I found the beginners classes and they were challenging in many ways.  Not just physically but in getting me out of my head.  Yoga moves from within. Yoga is not an easy endeavor, I assure you.  The rewards, though, will pay off in many ways and for many years to come.


It will take something, no doubt about it.  Yoga moves from within, you will earn your bliss but you will definitely need to stick with it.  This is easy for some and more challenging for others.


I remember when I’d talk to my guy friends and tell them about yoga, they’d usually say, “if I were in a room full of mostly women practicing yoga I’d have no problem showing up.”  That may be true for a little while but we all have our own egos to deal with and some of the chatter is relentless and is good at keeping us small.


So if you have let go of your practice, my goal is to encourage you to get back to it.  You have the advantage of remembering.  If you got into it far enough, it was a “delicious” experience.  That’s how my sister describes it.  She remembers and that is usually enough to get her back into it.


If you’ve never practiced, I can help you START.  I’m here for the select few who want a coach to guide them into and through the basics.  Remember, the hardest part is to start.  I reward myself and continue to reward myself to the max by simply starting all those years ago.
Life is a big ball of events and happenings.  We are all drawn to different things.  Not everyone will be getting into creating a yoga practice but if you are wanting to experience it, I can help you.


I am grateful for the process.  That feeling of having to learn something new always overtook me and overwhelmed me and made me want it NOW.  The process is where all the treasure lives though.  You gotta go through it to get through it.  Begin.  Begin again. Do it for you.






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