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Heaven On Earth–How To Embrace Your Age!

Could Heaven on Earth and learning How To Embrace Your Age be simple?

Have you bought into the lie that those wrinkles on your face make you unlovable and you need to do something to fill them up?


Are you tempted to run the race to fill your face?


I call this Societal Sludge and it is a LIE!  The masses buy into these lies.  We all believe them, then the companies that can profit go full force to convince us that we are all ugly because we have wrinkles!


There are so many bits of societal sludge, lies that keep us feeling small, unlovable and disempowered.  One of the biggest lies is that as we age, our wrinkles and other signs of age make us unattractive and insignificant.


I have been tempted to buy into the lies but my connection to my inner guide, my Source, has kept me in the phase of embracing my wrinkles.


Whatever you call it, there is a force of energy available for you to connect to!  When you connect to this realm, you can experience heaven on earth and begin to embrace your age and everything that comes with it.


This is where we find the love we need to FILL our wrinkles up!
The filler inside will fill you up, and the mirror outside keeps telling the lies.  Our appearance is such a false place in this world.  The truth of life has never been about our appearance!
heaven on earth
No makeup and wrinkles to the world yet I’ve found a way to embrace this photo!


I’m sure you may have a moment when you question it all?  I have and it is usually when I’m watching television.  It all seems so unreal and otherworldly, in a bad way.
A few years ago, I realized and discovered the only answer available, going within and connecting to Divine Love.  That is the place we all need to meet!


Inside ourselves is a well of all the qualities of heaven, the place we will eventually be in the spirit form.  Why not start to experience it NOW!  Heaven on Earth.


I wrote a brief outline of 5 Ways To Embrace Your Wrinkles, find it here.


I teach people how to create and connect to Divine Love Within.  Send me an email with questions, I am happy to help.

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