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Self Loathing To Self Loving!

Have you thought about starting a Yoga practice but not sure where to begin?  Does it seem intimidating to be a beginner in today’s world of yoga spectacular? Are you in a phase of self loathing wanting to get closer to self loving?


As a lifelong fitness professional with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology, I know and love the human body.  Not to mention the mind!  We are incredible machines every which way.  I have learned a lot and I want to share it  with you.


Yoga is GOLD, it’s true.  It will serve you for the rest of your life.  You will begin to love yourself more as you continue on your journey.  That’s what got me.  I did go from self loathing to self loving.


I want to help you create a home practice.  Just know that the hardest part is to start!

self loathing to self loving Yoga
I take my Yoga practice wherever I go!


II’ve been practicing Yoga for 25 years.  I started at age 37 and I know all the twists and turns yoga can take.  It’s not all rosy all the time. There will be challenges with your Ego and your emotional body.  You’ll be easily triggered and full of resistance at times.


“Keep moving forward” are the most calming words I can think to share.


I have seen the “KEEP MOVING FORWARD” theme throughout my life. It just keeps showing up!  It is comforting to know that that’s the key.  Sometimes we’ll stall, sometimes we’ll feel like quitting, but in the end we keep moving forward and into the lessons of life.
Yoga, Self Loathing To Self Loving
Chair Pose


The experiences of my journey have taught me how to love myself more every time I step on my matt!  Not to mention the plethora of benefits you will realize in your own unique ways.


Just getting yourself on your matt is super fulfilling.  If you catch yourself looking at yourself and being critical, it’s normal.  I can assure you that it will change.  With Yoga, you will have both times of self loathing and self loving.

Yoga, Self Loathing To Self Loving
Twisting Chair Pose

In the end, the self loving will prevail.  I promise!


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