I Am Extraordinary!


The words “I am extraordinary” do not frequently pop into my thought patterns.  I’ve been catching myself thinking this thought so I stop in the moment and say it out loud to savor it!



My full time voice is the part of my EGO (Edging God Out), it’s always trying to keep me safe and small. Says things like, “who do you think you are, nobody wants to hear what you say, what makes you think they’ll want to find out about your imperfections?”


Yeah, she’s pretty brutal in there.

She takes up most of the space so when these rare moments pop into my knowing, I say them OUT LOUD!

We all need to start talking to ourselves instead of listening to that scared voice inside.
I have led a humble life.  Somewhere in my childhood, I learned not to boast. Try not to brag or puff yourself up in front of people, it is rude and arrogant.


Yet, as I mature, I see that those who do promote themselves with a bit of arrogance, seem to have more success in business.


Ever so slowly, the loud and puffed up part of my EGO is screaming out in moments I seem to have no control over! It really is something else.


She blurts out whatever it is she has decided to boast about and while she’s speaking out loud, she knows that this is not the Tara in Charge!


I have had accomplishments but my childhood programs keep me from telling you about them on a regular basis.
I’m glad this new ‘moment in time–“say it out loud” Tara has emerged.


I am extraordinary!


This Tara needs to shine a bit. She has been pushed down, held back for far too long.
I Am Extraordinary
Yoga, Bound Side Angle Pose

I turned 60 in September 2020. It’s time to allow others to see who I am. I will allow more “I AM EXTRAORDINARY” moments into my daily life.

What about you? Does this sound at all familiar? I know not everyone is like me, but I’m guessing you may be holding some of your accomplishments inside quietly. Am I right?


The answer to most of these predicaments, is AWARENESS!


How do you get AWARE? You go inside yourself more often. You set aside time to check in with yourself. Simple stuff like asking yourself, “how am I feeling, what’s happening inside and why, what triggered the way I’m feeling.”
I Am Extraordinary
Getting grounded and aware


Get back into your body by walking or exercising. Ground yourself. Focus on your breathing, follow it, it will soothe you.


My gosh, it can be about anything but the key is to give yourself some attention!!!  Be kind to yourself, let that extraordinary person inside light up your life and everyone else’s too!


Reach out to me if you are wanting to create a home practice.  Yoga, Fitness, A Spiritual practice, I can help.  Send me an email if you have any questions:  [email protected]



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