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Barefoot on Magnetic Earth!

How often do you go BAREFOOT on this Magnetic Earth of ours?  Even though I preach the benefits, I don’t go often enough. This is one healthy habit we all need to get good at!

barefoot on magnetic earth
Twisting Triangle on the Malibu Bluffs!


When you go barefoot, science shows your blood pressure plummets, anxiety levels dissipate, stress levels go down.  All of those feel good hormones increase and YOU FEEL GOOD!  Imagine replacing your drugs with the power of the Earth?  Seems impossible but for many people, it is happening!


Making new healthy habits can be simple but not always easy.  It takes getting out of our routines and trying new things.  Of course, being open to Nature’s healing force helps.


Ahh, but you don’t have to be open to it or believe in it to receive the benefits.  JUST DO IT!  If you’ve got things going on, you need to unplug your headphones and get out there barefoot on the earth.  It’s a necessity!


We’re all so over stimulated with technology and music pumping in our heads all day.  Noise.  I know people who have their television on loud most of the day.  It makes them feel part of it all.  Not just that, but all of these electromagnetic frequencies are scattering our energy and creating inflammation and stress in our bodies.


The world is full of these forces and electromagnetic waves that throw our own energetic field out of whack. Phones, electricity, microwaves and smart meters to name a few.  All of this out of balance action can make us ill.  Check out the movie, Earthing and another movie, The Grounded.  These are free to watch on Youtube.


Here’s the deal–the earth carries a huge negative charge within it, this is rich in electrons and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, helping to remove these free radicals and inflammation from our bodies.  We are part of nature and nature is part of us, so there is no surprise that walking directly on the earth helps our own energy to flow more freely.


We are all blocking this powerful force by wearing Rubber Soled Shoes all day everyday!


As a health professional for 40 years and a human living in a body for 62 years, I am convinced that being healthier doesn’t have to be an arduous task; it can be SIMPLE.  Really!


Going barefoot isn’t difficult.  Unplugging from the headphones when you’re outside isn’t hard.  Paying attention to your hydration isn’t difficult.  These are just a few SIMPLE ways to be healthier.

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