Malibu Point Dume Giant Coreopsis Flowers

Malibu Point Dume Flowers

Springtime  in Malibu is a spectacular place to be! The Malibu Point Dume flowers are rare, they are the Giant Yellow Coreopsis flowers and they ABOUND!

Late February/Early March seems to be the best time to see the full abundance of Giant Yellow Coreopsis Flowers!

Unfortunately, the window of opportunity is not open long.  These flowers wither up and turn brown in a few weeks.

Come see them while you can!!!


We all need a change in our daily and weekly activities and the Malibu Point Dume Flowers are a sight to behold.

Mix it up, go the the beach while you’re there and walk in the sand.  You’ll feel the benefits of Earthing!  Your blood pressure will go down, your anxiety levels will diminish and all those good hormones will elevate.  It is scientific fact!

Our amazing Magnetic Earth is MEDICINE!

Visit The Sunset Restaurant and dine with the ocean air sifting into your senses.

Oh my, it’s a beautiful day in Malibu!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to tell you where to park and how to access the park.  There are a couple of ways but the easiest thing to do is park on Westward Beach Road somewhere near The Sunset restaurant and walk toward the big rock that sticks out in the distance.  That’s Point Dume!

You’ll see the sandy trail that leads up into the hills.  Take that.  You’ll see the trail forks off to the right, just keep following it and stay on the edge.  There will be a cliff that can be a little scary for those with height issues, but it’s tame.  It will be a thrill.  Spend some time up on the deck while you’re at it and you may see Whales and Dolphins among the many Sea Lions, they all love to entertain.

Continue onward and you can see the gorgeous cliffs and coastline from many angles.  Do the full loop.  If you want some stair activity, go down to the beach via the small set of stairs that lead down.

Any questions?  Send me an email: [email protected]

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