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Does Garbage Food Have A Grip On You?

Does food have a hold on you?  More like a grip, does garbage food have a GRIP on you?


All food, and especially Garbage food, once had a GRIP on me.   I am grateful beyond measure– I was able to get around and through it!  As a society, most people have ingrained habits and choices and it seems really challenging to get to the other side of them.


I hear so many people fight for that limitation of “everything in balance” as if it’s fine to eat poisonous crap food.  You know, snacks full of mucous producing cheese or cakes made with cream and bad clogging oils.  That’s among all the other additives, GMO’s and ingredients that the body just doesn’t know how to deal with because they aren’t natural!


Those things may appear as “treats” but they are “THREATS” and should be avoided if you want your body to function at full capacity.  They are threats to your super healthy life.


We all have different issues with food, some eat normally and can maintain a life of balance and if they want to splurge on the crap, it doesn’t take it’s toll because it doesn’t happen that often.


I, on the other hand, had to become an all or nothing person when it comes to certain foods.  It was either that or continue down the road I was on.  The road that led to massive binging and every kind of junk food you can imagine.


It was a dark time of feeling out of control and helpless when food was a temptation. Over time, with all different kinds of tricks and techniques, I have been able to get to where Garbage Food No Longer Has A Grip On Me!

Free From The Grip of Garbage Food
Free To Be Healthy Beyond 60!


It’s time to stop being part of the societal lie that says it’s okay to continue to eat foods that cause our body confusion.
I know, my nagging is not popular but it’s necessary.


Most people wait for chronic illness before they make any real lasting changes.  You can wait for that as well but you’d be wise to get it in your brain that you are worth the higher standard you set for yourself NOW.


Set Higher Standards, The Universe Will Meet You There!


Here are 5 ways to set higher standards for yourself and stick to your guns.


  • Stay present to the reason you need a higher standard.  Have you tried to make these changes before?  Did having a little garbage lead to more and more garbage?  Remember your why.  For me, I want to be as healthy as I can for as long as I’m alive.  I don’t want my body to break down like most people who eat the standard American DIE T!  SAD.
  • How strong is your Desire?  How bad do you want it? Be clear and it will happen for you.
  • Is your health a strong enough reason for change or do you need to lose it first?
  • Realize that you’ve eaten enough of the crappy stuff.  Remind yourself, you’ve had enough!




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