The Void, The Gap

 I was once someone who was ALWAYS in a relationship.  There was never a gap in between.  If one ended, I had another in the waiting.  


When you’re in a relationship and everything feels good, it is full and complete. There’s nothing better than having someone who understands you and someone you love being with. It’s so comfortable there. Being with someone you love being with could go on day and night with each other and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Then something life threatening and unforgivable happens and that person can no longer be part of your life–Ever!

Gone.  In the Void. In the Gap. Cold Turkey!


Things change and you find yourself feeling heavy withdrawals. It feels like an addictive substance is being withheld.  You remember all the things you loved to do together, the times things really felt good.  It’s over.


This is the Void, the VAST Gap!

The VOID, the GAP is the time it takes from being in a relationship to the point of being on your own and feeling great being there!



That Void is the hardest place to be after being in a relationship.   Since I am no longer a desperate and codependent young lady, I’ve taken the time to get through that void to the place of being on my own and being happy there.
In the getting there though, there are feelings of longing and those feelings fill up that huge void of no longer having someone in your life.  They are feelings of withdrawals and it produces a strong yearning mixed with anxiety.



The Gap between being in a relationship and not
The GAP!

It’s the distance between loving being with that other person to getting to the place where you love being with yourself!


I made it across the Gap!  I love being with me. Truly, I have friends who really don’t like being alone and they feel a bit anxious about it.


I don’t think I’m ever anxious about it. I love spending time with myself. There is so much to be done, it’s so wonderful to have the time with no one demanding my attention.
The Void The Gap
Time alone in the morning Sun!


Sometimes when I feel so great alone, I imagine what it might feel like to be in that place again, the place where being with someone you  want to be with
It feels good for a moment then I snap myself out of it and remember how wonderful it is to be able to do what I want to do whenever I want to do it with no one breathing over my shoulder for anything.


Me. Just me.


It really is okay. So many people are so concerned about the people living alone. As if it is some pathetic way of being. I really don’t think everyone feels so sad and alone.  I hope all people don’t identify with societies sludge about being alone.


It’s like there’s nobody that would be enough to disrupt my flow. Well, the last time I said that and felt this way, someone came into my life to teach me what the word toxic means. That could be another reason I shy away from being intertwined again.


That’s something to go through and after spending years of disliking myself because I made a bad decision by ignoring my inner guidance–my intuition, it’s time to move on and get over it.  At this stage, I have moved on and forgiven myself but I’m also making the best of myself and don’t mind being with me at all.


That’s the secret, find all the ways you can to embrace where you’re at and love it.  Only then, will you be able to cross over the Void–the Gap to be in relationship with another.


What are your thoughts on the topic?  Do you feel differently?  Do you agree?
One of the most profound moments in my life told me to EMBRACE RIGHT NOW!  It was the first time I had experienced “hearing a voice” outside of my own head.  There was no question about it, the message came for me at a time I needed it.


The message continues today, in every intersection of life.  EMBRACE RIGHT NOW!


That’s it!  Hold onto right now.  Be as present as possible.  Know that it is one moment at a time and when you can stay in the moment, you just might get a GEM mixed into it!

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