HIKING Guide in Malibu

Hiking Guide in Malibu
Breezy Day in Malibu!

If you are planning a trip to California and would love to see the best and brightest places in Malibu, take on Tara as your private guide for groups and one on one hikes.

As a hiking guide for Cliffside Malibu, a premier drug & alcohol treatment center, she knows how to handle groups of all kinds.

She can take you to trails that are tucked away or trails that are commonly hiked.  If you’re a mountain biker, she can take you on epic adventures–Tara has been riding these trails for 25 years!  Afterward, you simply must re-fuel at local healthy hot spots.  Life is good in Malibu!

Hiking Guide in Malibu
Giant Yellow Coreopsis on Pt. Dume!

 Tara can help you identify some of the constant thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.  Life reveals itself clearly and  effortlessly out on the trail.

Nature Girl Tara Loves The Trails
Dried up mud feels good!
Tara Berro  loves what she “gets” to do in life.  As a fitness trainer and yoga teacher, it is one of her greatest joys to see people moving through the challenges that a workout (and life) offer.  With a Masters Degree in Exercise Science/Sport Psychology, there are several techniques utilized to shift the limiting patterns our minds hold us in! 


Hiking Guide in Malibu
Solstice Canyon Waterfall
The day after receiving a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology/Exercise Science, Tara drove across the Country and wound up in Malibu.  It’s not surprising because that had been something she was visualizing for many years.  
“We create our lives with our thoughts and since there’s no limit to what we can think, there’s no limit to what our life experiences can be.”

In the words of John Muir, the naturalist:

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will
flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their
own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will
drop off like autumn leaves.”


Synchronicity abounds when you are out in Nature being present in the moment–the most powerful place on the planet!

 I never want to lessen the lesson. Let’s journey together on this trail called life!


Contact me:  [email protected]   Call or Text (310) 617-7501

26 thoughts on “HIKING Guide in Malibu”

  1. Hi, Tara – it’s Cathie Lamm. You gave me a fantabulous massage today. THANK YOU! Hope the rest of your day was great. Will email you very soon. 🙂

    1. Thank you Cathie–it’s taken me a year to figure out this site and how to reply! Hopefully it hasn’t taken you a year to get another massage! Be well my dear, you are a bright light!

    1. Hey Stephen: You and Jason were such a treat to meet. Thanks for the meaningful conversation. Perhaps we will bump into each other again in this fabulous town of ours! Feel free to contact me with any questions re: the cleanse!

  2. Hello Tara, we met a week ago on the bus. I had the guitar! Idk if I mentioned I have been planning a walk around the world but if yoyou are interested in talking or meeting up message me at my email. I am sure you have it! Great site by the way! Your so fun!

    1. Hi Joseph–wow, a walk around the world. I knew when I met you, you were up to something really great and fulfilling! I’ve been without my computer for a few weeks but I am back. I will look up your email and contact you soon. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Fiona, and thanks for doing what you do! Hey– I’m wondering if I should change my landing page to my blog page or keep it on my “About” page. I need help!

      1. No worries- WordPress IS a great community. Re your question, I guess it depends what you want to highlight most. If you’re going to the trouble of creating new posts quite often then maybe you should have people land there first. And if they like what they read they will surely click to your about page. I would suggest you put a little more of a gentle “call to action” at the end of each post- to remind folks that you are an awesome trail guide whose ready to rock! (?) :))

  3. Hi Tara, thanks so much for introducing yourself by following our site–we always enjoy meeting fellow explorers and nature lovers, so look forward to exploring yours further. If you’re on facebook we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page–see you there!

  4. Hi Tara, You seem like a real genuine / grounded person. I enjoy reading your website. Keep up the good work!

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