Malibu Trail Guide

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For current schedule please call Tara at (310) 617-7501
or email:  [email protected]


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Nature is the great neutralizer.  I am a hiking guide in Malibu for you, your family, or any kind of group.   The Los Angeles area coastline is full of different trails varying in intensity. I love the Santa Monica Mountains!

The key is to find what’s fun for you and DO IT! I can also guide you through a workout in the gym or put you through my favorite “ball” workout out in the park. If you are in need of a yoga referesher, we’ll get you out on the mat and practice together! We can even hike to a trail summit and roll out the yoga mat there.

Tara’s favorite intersection in Malibu!

My Masters Degree is in Sport Psychology and  Exercise Science.  I believe in the power of the mind and body AND that NATURE is the great equalizer–nothing gets you in the present moment like hiking up a trail.

If you are stuck in a rut and need to unlock the sticking point, we can tackle that as well. Just by being out on the trail, many truths will reveal themselves in a natural way.


Your time here is meant to be fun and fulfilling as well as relaxing…