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Twisting Triangle on The Malibu Bluffs!

Our HEALTH is our greatest WEALTH! Let me be your Private Trainer and Private Yoga Teacher.  I am 60+ so let’s keep moving together!

My life is immersed in activity and fitness. I am grateful and fortunate.  I love to share with others.


Private Yoga/Training in Malibu
Crescent Pose on The Malibu Bluffs!

I am a natural born teacher and I can feel how you feel. We are all at different phases of fitness and it changes all the time. Let me help you find your fit phase!

I believe in listening to your body and what it needs. I don’t believe in beating yourself up just because it hasn’t been beaten up in a while! Figuring out where you’re at and creating a plan for YOU is what I love to do.


Whether you want to create your own home practice and continue it on your own or you need someone to lead you in unlimited sessions, I’m here to help you and cheer you on!


Creating your own practice is sweet  and I can guide you to it!


I have been helping people be healthier for over 30 years. I believe in using the body weight as resistance and using weights and a core stability ball for even more challenge. 


The more years that pass, it’s even more important to keep it all moving. Resistance, Endurance, Flexibility, Strength.  Let me help you line it all up!

Private Training/Yoga Keep Moving
Eagle Out On The Malibu Bluffs!

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