About Us

I’ve been a Healthy Living Coach almost 40 years. I help people create simple habits to be super healthy. Yoga is one piece of the package.

Yoga is the merging of breath and movement.  There is no better way to be present and to  love yourself more than cultivating your own practice.  Let’s create a home practice together!

More About Us

There are so many paths that lead to The Way Back To You. I’m here to guide you through.

Are you hydrated?  Do you move and stretch your body regularly? Do you breathe consciously? Do you sit quietly and check in with yourself?

If you need help in any of these areas, I can help.

What about your thoughts, are they empowering or are they a critical voice chattering inside?

We can create a home practice together.  Yoga, health habits, mental reprogramming, and Breathing.  

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The Way back To You

Meet Our Trainer

Tara Berro is a Certified Yoga Teacher with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology.  She understands the body and the mind and Yoga is the perfect blend of both.  


I help you live healthier, sharing simple habits to get you there.  Are you willing? 


Tara Berro, The Way Back To You

Advanced Trainer